Selfies, Snapchat and Keeping Safe: understanding the online lives of care-experienced young people

Cindy Corliss

Selfies, Snapchat and Keeping Safe is a Health Care Research Wales (HCRW) funded project, the first of its kind in Wales. The project is focused on understanding the online lives of young people with care-experience in Wales.

This project is important, as we currently know little about the online lives of care-experienced young people. We know that young people in general spend an increasing amount of time online, especially over the past two years. We also know that young people who are care experienced may be more vulnerable in online spaces. What this project hopes to accomplish is to build up a larger picture as to what their online lives are like, both positive and negative.

The project has two distinct phases. Phase one was the analysis of School Health Research Network  (SHRN) data. The second phase is interviews of young people with care experience aged 13-20 across Wales. The interview guide was developed with a care-experienced peer researcher who has been trained in research methods and was piloted by Voices from Care Cymru.

The interviews will be carried out by Cindy Corliss and the peer researcher.

If you are interested in taking part or know a young person who might be interested, please contact me at

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