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Tuesday 31 January 2023
10.00am – 1.00pm

SPARC, Cardiff University
In-person or hybrid attendance (lunch is included for those attending in-person)

Fostering Wellbeing is a Welsh Government funded pilot programme focused on a multi-disciplinary approach to improving outcomes for children and young people looked after. Based on the principles of social pedagogy, Fostering Wellbeing has brought together professionals from social care, education, and health across Wales for a programme of shared learning and development.

Cardiff University has evaluated the pilot. Their report  provides a rich insight into people’s experience of online learning, as well as considering the impact and potential of the programme itself. 

This event provides the opportunity to hear more about Fostering Wellbeing and to hear from the University team as they present the findings from the evaluation for the first time. They will also be joined by Fostering Wellbeing Pioneers experienced foster carers who have committed to sharing the programme principles throughout their work. They will discuss the Pioneer role and ongoing work taking place in authorities across Wales.

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