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Online course

22 Mar 2022, 10.00am-1.30pm

Join CoramBAAF for a new open course which aims to challenge your understanding of the meaning of diversity and intersectionality. This training will be a highly interactive exploration of equality, diversity and inclusion. CoramBAAF will encourage you to investigate different manifestations of unconscious bias in a safe and supportive format. This is an EDI session like no other and promises to be fun as well as thought provoking.

This session is recommended for anyone working with children and their families, whether they work in social care, health, education or legal fields.

Learning outcomes

  • To explore unconscious biases in a safe and supportive environment
  • To reflect on the impact of beliefs about the concepts of equality, diversity and inclusion on decision making
  • To encourage open discussion about potentially difficult subjects affecting practice 

This event has been developed by trainer Ashley Williamson, who has been supporting professionals and students in universities, local authorities, panels and charities to question their beliefs about discrimination for the past five years.

Feedback from previous participants

“It was such a powerful training, especially compared to the usual tick-box exercises we are asked to do. I thought Ashley was excellent.”

“These are tricky topics to discuss. I thought Ashley was really good and could talk to him all day about all this.”


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Individual CoramBAAF member £72.00 + £14.40 VAT – Total £86.40
Non-member £108.00 + £21.60 VAT – Total £129.60
Adopters/Fosters carers £72.00 + £14.40 VAT – Total £86.40
Student discount for all fees – 20%


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