The Fostering Network in collaboration with Cardiff University have developed a new magazine for foster carers Working Hand in Hand.

The magazine draws on the voices of young people and foster carers and aims to provide an overview of some of the main challenges that fostered children face at school. But, more importantly, it aims to offer some practical ideas for steps to take to help children and young people in your care do well and enjoy their education.

Features include:

  • We can Achieve – with a focus on #messagestoschools
  • A Problem Shared – foster carers share their ideas for tackling challenges in education
  • Creativity and Culture – with a focus on The Value of Cultural and Creative Engagement project
  • Building a Good Relationship with School – 5 top tips
  • Making the Most of Annual Review Meetings – 5 top tips

Where next: resources for foster carers

We hope you will find the articles and information here useful in supporting the children and young people you care for and for making positive improvements in their lives.

You can download the magazine below and it will be delivered to all foster homes in Wales – but do get in touch if you would like a hard copy. The Fostering Network also have other magazines and guides to support children, young people and foster carers available here.