Accessing the outdoors to support 11 youngsters build their confidence and self-esteem was the aim of the Team Around the Family (TAF) Pembrokeshire recently over two action-packed days.

DAY 1 at the beautiful Broadhaven beach: a scenario of being shipwrecked on a deserted beach was set and our challenges for the day were based around survival and problem solving.

  • Construct a giant SOS message on the sand that could be seen from the air.
  • Discover and identify 10 rock pool creatures.
  • Construct shelter and build a campfire.
  • Navigate a night line around the basecamp blindfolded

A woodland setting was our location for Day 2: the weather was not on our side today as the rain lashed down, but the re-energised youngsters organised their equipment and tasked themselves to building some amazing waterproof shelters at our basecamp. Hot chocolate, marshmallows, noodles and cheesy bread twists where all cooked over the campfire and devoured by hungry tummies. 

Spectacular clay BOGGARTS were created from natural resources such as leaves, sticks and seeds that the youngsters had foraged for. This task was such fun and everyone used their imagination to create their own works of art.

The egg drop was our final challenge, in pairs the children had to construct a nest to protect and stop their egg from breaking when dropping them from a great height. This caused a great degree of hilarity as everyone wanted their eggs to go splat!

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