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9th May 2024
09:30 – 12:30

Join us for a virtual event tackling the urgent issue of knife crime among young people—let’s discuss, learn, and find solutions together!

On a daily basis we hear news of young people and knife crime, not just in London but in Wales too. Young people are becoming scared of being injured or sadly fatally wounded. This half day course will examine the rise of knife crime, current trends, the law, what staff need to know and what messages they should be giving young people. It will look at ways of supporting young people, when to refer and organisational action plans.

Learning Outcomes

  • An Overview of Current Trends
  • Knife Crime and the Law
  • Different forms of Youth Based Violence
  • Psychology: Fight, Flight and Freeze Reactions
  • Young people’s Vulnerabilities
  • Signs of involvement
  • Risks
  • How to support Young People
  • Referrals routes
  • Action Plan

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