Challenging the stigma, discrimination, and poor outcomes for young parents in and leaving care: #MessagestoCorporateParents 

Louise Roberts, Rachael Vaughan, and Dawn Mannay 

Young parents in and leaving care can often feel unsupported in negotiating the challenges of becoming a parent. Dr Louise Roberts conducted a five-year Children’s Social Care Research and Development Centre (CASCADE) research study that was funded by Health and Care Research Wales. The idea for the study came from Voices from Care Cymru, and listening to parents’ views and experiences was a key priority of the research.  

The book published from this study reflected on the experiences of new parents, and others who were looking back on their experiences of becoming parents. Some parents who took part felt that they had people to support them, but others felt isolated and alone. Some parents were living with their children, while others were separated from their children. The book considered the support available when young people become parents and after completing the book Louise wanted to look at ways to improve support systems in Wales.  

Louise applied for funding with colleagues Rachael Vaughan and Dawn Mannay, for a project that aimed to challenge the stigma, discrimination, and poor outcomes for young parents in and leaving care.  The project worked closely with young people and other key stakeholders to consider and promote good practice for parents in and leaving care. 

The project has developed a charter #MessagestoCorporateParents and other linked outputs and events, including a webinar focussed on Supporting Parents in and Leaving Care which will take place in November 2021. 

You can also find out more about the project and its outputs and events on these dedicated webpages Supporting Parents in and Leaving Care: #MessagestoCorporateParents

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