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27 & 28 July 2023
16 & 17 October 2023
9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

This two-day course is aimed at anyone who has recently taken up their first management position. It provides a blend of theory and practice, explores the transition into a management role, addresses the shift in relationships for people who have been promoted from within their own teams and creates an opportunity to share experiences, ideas, and approaches with others in a similar position. A variety of training methods are used. These include direct input from the trainer, structured activities in large and small groups and purposeful discussion.


This course aims to provide new managers with a comprehensive introduction to management, developing and building skills and increasing the confidence of participants.


By the end of the two days participants will have:

  • Increased their understanding of the transition into management
  • Explored the role and responsibilities of a first line manager
  • Increased their self-awareness
  • Explored different styles of management and be aware of their own approach
  • An understanding of the importance of performance management and the role of the line manager within their workplace policies and procedures.
  • Identified the management skills needed to carry out their role effectively and had the opportunity to practice some of these skills
  • Appraised their existing management skills and have a plan for their ongoing development
  • Considered ways that their learning can be applied back in their workplace

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