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Supporting Special Guardianship Families: support assessment, ASF applications and support needs

21 June 2023
10am – 4pm
Online – Zoom
Fees apply

This course will explore the support needs of special guardianship families, how to carry out assessment of support needs which are sensitive to the needs of kinship care families, and the how these needs may be most effectively met. 

This course will explore; best practice, regulation and practice guidance, assessments, eligibility criteria and access to therapeutic support services, the impact of early trauma, identity issues, and the benefits and challenges of contact. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Explore best practice in the support of children living with special guardians and their families
  • Consider regulation and practice guidance regarding special guardianships support assessments
  • Look at eligibility criteria and access to therapeutic support services funded by the Adoption Support Fund
  • Consider support needs of SG families in the context of kinship care
  • Explore the impact of early trauma on children’s development and therapeutic parenting strategies for SGs
  • Discuss benefits and challenges of contact and family time for SG families
  • Consider identity issues for children growing up in SG families

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