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Working with schools: supporting the emotional needs of (previously) looked after children in education

23 June 2023
10am – 1pm
Online – Zoom

This half day training is aimed at professionals who are supporting children and their families and who would like to explore different ways to collaborate with schools in meeting the child’s emotional needs. We know that for many children who are in kinship or foster care, or who are adopted, education can be a challenging experience.

We will discuss ways to share your understanding of how attachment disruptions and experiences or early trauma  impact on a child’s learning and sense of safety within school and how to work towards an effective collaboration between the child’s home, school and professional support network.

Learning outcomes

  • Consider the possible impact of attachment disruptions and early trauma on children’s ability to engage with education
  • Reflect on the importance of safety and connection for children and young people to achieve their educational potential
  • Examine the support needs of children, young people, parents/carers, and educators 
  • Explore different approaches and strategies to collaborate with schools to meet the child’s emotional needs

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