Listening to our youngest children: Perspectives from across the UK

Children in Wales would like to invite you to attend the first annual conference of the Children’s Rights in Early Years (CREY) network. This HYBRID conference at Swansea University Singleton Campus, and online, will focus on sharing best practice and current work around listening to the voices of young children… Read More

Managing for the first time

This course aims to provide new managers with a comprehensive introduction to management, developing and building skills and increasing the confidence of participants. It provides a blend of theory and practice, explores the transition into a management role, addresses the shift in relationships for people who have been promoted from within their own teams and creates an opportunity to share experiences, ideas, and approaches with others in a similar position… Read More

Anxiety in young people: Understanding theory and practical solutions

This one day training will increase awareness and understanding of anxiety and help to gain practical solutions to support young people. Participants will become familiar with the Polyvagal Theory and the work of Dr Stephen Podges and trauma and the work of Dr Bessel van der Volk and how trauma affects PTSD and OCD… Read More

ADHD: An understanding for practitioners

This one-day training aims to enable frontline staff who work with children and young people have a solid understanding of ADHD, an appreciation of its differing presentations affecting assessment and diagnosis of children and young people as well as an understanding of global risks associated with ADHD, the need for integrated medical and therapeutic interventions to improve life outcomes… Read More

Supporting young people’s mental health and well-being

The course aims to explore the various difficulties young people experience with mental health and look at how to build resilience and improve well-being. The course will examine the different types of mental health, the behaviours that can accompany them and how to support the young person. Various ways of building resilience will be introduced and how to maintain well-being will be demonstrated. Read More