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14 September 2023
9:30 AM – 16:00 PM

Fees apply

The 2015 report by Public Health Wales, the Welsh Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study states “There is a growing body of evidence that our experiences during childhood can affect health throughout the life course. Children who experience stressful and poor quality childhoods are more likely to adopt health-harming behaviours during adolescence, which can themselves lead to mental health illnesses and diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes later in life.”

“Adverse Childhood Experiences are not just a concern for health. Experiencing Adverse Childhood Experiences means individuals are more likely to perform poorly in school, more likely to be involved in crime and ultimately less likely to be a productive member of society”.

This course is aimed at professionals working with children & young people who are interested in building an understanding of ACE’s.


  • To explore Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • To have a better understanding of their impact on children and adults in later life
  • To have an a greater understanding of substance misuse, mental health, domestic abuse and violence and their effects on children
  • To explore a “Good” childhood
  • To increase knowledge of Resilience
  • To have skills and confidence to build resilience with children and young people

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