The Fostering Network in Wales work directly with care-experienced young people to create magazines that speak to their concerns, document their experiences, and communicate important messages. The first edition of Thrive was published in 2005 and since then it has provided information, support and guidance to children and young people in foster care across Wales. Thrive provides a legitimate platform that empowers young people to have their say and express their views on what is important to them.

In Autumn 2021, The Fostering Network in Wales worked with their Young People’s Care Forum in Wales who took part in workshops and interviews, to discuss and explore the decisions young people have to make about what to do when finishing their GCSEs.

The young people shared their experiences and views, which helped inform and develop this latest edition of the Thrive magazine. The magazine looks at all the different options available to young people and provides advice on making those decisions and who is there to support them through their journey. The Fostering Network in Wales would like to thank all of the young people involved in creating this new resource.

You can download a free copy from The Fostering Network in Wales website:

Charlotte Wooders, Fostering Communities Project Manager, The Fostering Network in Wales, @tfn_Wales,  

For previous editions of Thrive, please visit The Fostering Network website.

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