Twelve weeks into the Covid 19 pandemic, we continue to operate in an agile, creative, and adaptive way. From day one we have focussed on supporting isolated and vulnerable young people and job seekers as well as strengthening the capacity of key community by:

  • Delivering essential items and food to people in need and food banks.
  • Providing a wide range practical and fun remote sessions for isolated people.
  • Providing one to one support both remotely and through safe distance catch ups.
  • Providing specialised wellbeing support groups.
  • Tackling issues of domestic abuse.
  • Linking business with community groups so they can offer practical and skills based support.
  • Supporting young people to share their voice and lived experience with local decision makers.
  • Providing on ongoing employability support for job seekers, be it mock interviews or virtual work tours.
  • Supporting young people to find housing.
  • Supporting young people and community groups to develop their IT/Online skills.
  • Playing an active role in local and national Covid 19 networks.
  • Sharing our learning with a wide range of policy forums.

Sadly, over the last two weeks many of the people we work with have been alarmed and shocked by the vicious killing of George Floyd. We have responded by pledging to step up or efforts to understand and tackle systemic racism. Alongside Covid 19, the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement has thrown light on the many inequalities that divide our communities but also inspired people to bring about change. [Read our: #BlackLivesMatter a time for reflection and action statement.]

Through all the above we have seen an outpouring of positive community action. Whilst times are tough, we remain optimistic that we will emerge from the pandemic a more united community. As an organisation we will do all we can to broker partnerships between business, community, and local government so nobody is left behind.

This blog was originally hosted on the Leicestershire Cares newsletter.