A collaboration between Welsh Government, Local Government, Third Sector Support Wales and the NHS in Wales is bringing information together from Dewis Cymru, Infoengine and the NHS Direct Wales resource directories to create a single, offline App for frontline professionals across Wales.

The new App – ‘Health and Well-being Wales, is available to registered users with ‘whitelisted’ e-mail addresses and provides access to service details and contact information for over 10,500 local and national organisations, community groups and services.

No internet connection is required for day-to-day use. Once downloaded, the App prompts the user to update information periodically to ensure the information remains up to date.

The App is an ideal tool for district nurses, health visitors, social workers, youth workers, police officers, community connectors, social prescribers, and other community-based staff.

Users can ‘localize’ information for their area by only downloading information for their local area.

A powerful search facility means users can search for resources by keyword, category, local authority and/or local area, and ‘share’ the resulting information via the usual mobile applications including e-mail, text message, Facebook, Messenger etc. Users can also ‘show’ or ‘hide’ over 900 national resources that are included by default in the App. The App is fully bilingual and compatible with both Android and iOS.

To find and download the App, go to the App store or Google Play and search for ‘Health and Well-being Wales’. Please use your work email address to register. You can also access the shared directory by visiting www.dewis.wales.

For more information, please contact Jodie Phillips (jodie.phillips@data.cymru).