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Online event

Thu, March 31, 2022
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM BST

This presentation will share learning gathered during a Binks Hub scoping of Centres, Hubs, and Institutions currently conducting and supporting co-production and participatory forms of research internationally. 

Speakers: Emma Davidson (Social Policy) and Laura H.V. Wright (Childhood and Youth Studies)

Emma and Laura sought to understand what the journeys of these Centres, Hubs, and Institutions have looked like: what challenges did they face in their establishment? How have they navigated institutional requirements? How have they remained sustainable whilst retaining the values inherent to participatory research? And what ideas do they have for meaningful research, collaboration, structure, and functioning?

This presentation will reflect on the complexities of establishing research centres globally, their role in inspiring participatory research practice across academia and practice and celebrate the relational value that can come from working together across contexts.

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