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Online event
Broadcast live

Monday 23rd May 2022
9.30 am – 3.30 pm

Key Points

  • Progress against the Healthier Wales Workforce Strategy 
  • Implementing workforce wellbeing and engagement measures to improve staff retention 
  • Workforce planning to overcome staff shortages and the lasting impact of Covid-19 and Brexit 
  • Innovative recruitment practices to meet the future needs of the sector
  • Making health and social care careers more accessible and attractive 
  • Fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging and meeting diversity targets

Join Senedd Insight’s Digital Conference to review your organisation’s progress against the actions outlined in the Healthier Wales Workforce Strategy for Health and Social Care. 

Discover how your organisation can integrate new and creative recruitment practices. Attract the future health and social care workforce and address ongoing staff shortages. Choose from two streams looking at the issues specific to recruitment and retention in the health and the social care sectors. 

Take away ideas on how to create multi-agency workforce models that deliver integrated health and social care. Transform the way you develop, support and train your staff across your organisation. 

How do you create a compassionate and inclusive workplace in which every employee feels supported? We will look at practical ways to improve equality in the workspace and engage new populations. Find out how you can build digital skills in the sector. Gain insight on how to implement and integrate effective wellbeing services in your workplace and address concerns over staff wellbeing. 

Attend this event for informed, practical guidance to ensure that your health and social care workforce feel valued and supported, wherever they work. 

For more information about this event visit Senedd Insight.

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