09 September 2021
09:30 – 14:30

A half-day course

A sound knowledge of child development is essential for everyone working with children. Having an underpinning knowledge about typical patterns of overall development helps practitioners identify where there are concerns that a child may be ‘off track’ and may need additional support to achieve progress across the different domains. A good understanding of development can help keep children safe, promote their wellbeing, assist in assessment, and inform which interventions/support is most suited to their needs.

The Aims of the course are:

  • Understand the growth and development of children 0-12 years
  • Consider growth across different domains of development, including brain development
  • Consider the factors that contribute to delaying or interrupting a child’s development
  • Explore the impact that adversity and trauma can have on child development
  • Explore the importance of play in the development of children
  • Consider the available tools to observe and assess a child’s development, and the options to support a child’s developmental needs
  • Reflect on how to support parents and carers to promote positive outcomes for children

Who should attend?

All practitioners including family support workers, social workers, and carers working with children from 0-12 who want to increase their understanding of what to expect of children at certain stages of development and how this can be supported through their role.