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19th Sept 2023
Live online training
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Support workers are very often the first people that individuals approach when they are in housing crisis. The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 has introduced a new language and system, which is important for anyone in the supporting sector to understand. Support workers assist people in housing need on a daily basis, as such their knowledge must encompass the way renting in Wales works, both in the private and community sectors.

This course is intended to cover the main changes introduced by the RHWA, whilst maintaining a broader overview, and empowers support workers to spot when their clients may need to be referred on for more complex advice.

This course covers:

• Private and Community Sector Landlords
• Standard Contracts
• Secure Contracts
• Understanding occupation contracts (Fundamental, supplemental and additional terms)
• Landlord obligations (Fitness for human habitation and other statutory obligations)
• Contract Holder Obligations
• Prohibited Conduct and other Anti-Social Behavior
• No Fault Notices
• Rent arrears notices
• Abandonment and non-occupation.

This course is for:

This is an introductory course ideal for all types of support workers, people working in housing adjacent roles within support organizations, and generic advisers.

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