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Shelter Cymru’s e-Learning Course

When recession bites and financial markets struggle, it’s often young people who are worst affected. Job opportunities dry up and the few employers who are interviewing can take their pick of experienced candidates who don’t come with the training needs of a young person, fresh out of school. For many young people, Universal Credit will be the only option until they are lucky enough to catch their first break.

This full- day course will explore the complex rules around when and how a young person is able to access Universal Credit, the conditions that are associated with a claim and how volunteering, one off earnings, grants and, eventually, wages affect a Universal Credit claim.

Course includes:

  • Which young people can claim UC
  • Which elements of UC are available to young people
  • Conditionality
  • How does work, volunteering or study affect a UC claim?

Suitable for:

Young people, Universal Credit and Work is an essential course for anyone working with young people where support includes help with money, accessing grants, accessing benefits and/or assistance with getting into training, education or work.

Due to the content of this course and the complexity of this topic, it is essential that delegates have a sound understanding of Universal Credit gained by experience or by completing Shelter Cymru’s e-learning course on Universal Credit and Housing Costs which can be accessed here.

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