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Our director Auriol Miller was on the advisory board of The Health Foundations COVID-19 impact inquiry. Its report, which was launched in July 2021, found that:

  • The uneven impact of COVID-19 is mapped onto pre-existing health issues and inequalities, compounded by living conditions.
  • Geographical inequalities meant that those younger than 65 in the poorest 10% of areas in England were almost four times more likely to die from COVID-19 than those in the wealthiest parts of the countries, but some groups, including people from ethnic minorities, disabled people, prison inmates, were also more likely to be at a risk from the illness.
  • The aftermaths of the financial crisis impacted the UKs ability to rise to the challenges posed by the Coronavirus crisis.
  • Government action, such as self-isolation support or restrictions in service access, were impactful in redressing or aggravating the effects of the crisis: any recovery strategy must address the root causes of inequality in the face of the virus, and will require cross-government action. 

You can watch the webinar launch here.

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