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May 11th 2023
From 8:00 am

Free Entry

The Mental Health & Wellbeing Show, a motivating and inspiring all-day show in Cardiff City Hall, 11th May 2023 featuring exhibitors, speakers and experts promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

This is a key date in the calendar for a professional working in the Mental Health, Wellbeing or Healthcare industry, or anyone with a personal interest. The show features a packed day of innovative seminars, advice, wellbeing activities and an exhibition featuring the UKs top charities, organisations, and businesses.

The show recognises and celebrates the challenges, successes, and innovative developments that people with a mental illness must deal with on a daily basis andshares best methods towards recovery.

This is a perfect opportunity to

  • Develop relationships with mental health organisations.
  • Learn how to control mechanisms mental health conditions.
  • Gain contacts that can help build mental health strategies to help people in an organisation.
  • Hear from international speakers on a diverse range of mental health topics.
  • Learn how to control stress and anxiety.
  • Be inspired by people who have managed their mental illness.
  • Learn more about eating disorders.
  • Learn more about substance abuse.
  • Learn how to help people on to recovery from addiction.
  • Visit up to 100 exhibitors on the day.

Attention to the webinars and visit the exhibitors at the show on the 11th of May at City Hall, Cardiff.

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