When a family separates, it can be a challenging time for everyone. There are difficult conversations to have and sometimes families need support to help find a way through.

When support works well, this is better for everyone in the family. If we can understand the experience of families who have been through separation, we can improve services to support other families in the future.

We are conducting research into the experiences of families who have been through separation in two areas: one in England and one in Wales. The project is being led by the University of Bristol and is funded by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory. It will run from May to December 2021 and the findings will be used to inform recommendations to improve support for families going through the separation process in the future.

We are looking for people who have been affected by family separation in the past 18 months who live in North Wales and Bournemouth. We are interested in speaking to mothers, fathers, and children, but also anyone else in the family such as grandparents, or uncles and aunties. We are interested in speaking to people who have used the family court system, but also people who used other ways to make their separation arrangements.

If you take part, we will invite you to tell us about your family and the decisions you made to separate, and your experience of any support you had from friends, family members or professionals. If you would like to ask us questions, you can email us at patches-project@bristol.ac.uk or phone us on 07977 273329 and you can find out more about this project on our website https://patches.blogs.bristol.ac.uk/.