Listening to and learning from children about RSE

Relationships and sexuality education (RSE) is changing in Wales. These changes couldn’t come soon enough given the gap between children and young people’s lived experiences and the content of much RSE provision (Renold and McGeeney 2017).

Indeed, schools are key sites to learn from and respond to children’s evolving ideas, questions and needs on a range of RSE issues. However, there are very few resources for educators on how to listen with and learn from children and young people about what matters to them in this area.


In 2018, the National Education Union supported the expansion of AGENDA: a young people’s guide to make positive relationships matter. Originally launched in 2016, AGENDA was co-developed with and for young people aged 11-17 and funded by Cardiff University, NSPCC Cymru, Women’s Aid and Welsh Government.

In its first two years, the AGENDA resource has reached international audiences, from the American launch of an expanded and interactive AGENDA tool-kit in partnership with the New York based SPARK Movement, to Valentine Card activisms in Finland. Next month, Professor Renold has been invited to share the creative and affirmative methods underpinning the success of AGENDA by the Icelandic Government in relation to their new prevention strategy to eradicate gender-based and sexual violence.

To ensure that AGENDA can continue to inspire educators to support children and young people to make positive relationships matter in their schools and communities the National Education Union supported the development of new case studies and practitioner resources, and the completion of transforming the original PDF resources into a more accessible web-friendly platform. Visit AGENDA online.