Leicestershire Cares had an exciting quarter with young people engaging more and more with their employability sessions, creating CVs, learning how to successfully job search, preparing for interviews and growing in confidence.

Their team supports young people in a very holistic way, building positive relationships and trust as the foundation of their work. This has been particularly important for their participants as the uncertainty of the pandemic raised the anxiety and lowered the self-confidence of those who were already further away from the job market.

They also listened to the feedback given by the YES Project Steering Group where their business members offered their invaluable expertise and experience to help them understand that they need to focus on supporting our participants develop their soft skills.

As a result, they are launching a new 6-week employability programme rolling from end of January that will combine the standard employability workshops like CV building, Job Searching Interview Prep, as well asPersonal Development and Soft Skills sessions. With the support of their amazing volunteers, they are also looking to continue with Career Talks, World of Work Tours, CV reviews and feedback and Mock Interviews.
To address the need for mental wellness support they identified in Young People, they partnered up with The Way of the Horse in launching a pilot project called Project Pony, a three-month programme of wellbeing support and personal development using equine-facilitated methods. During the programme, people are offered the chance to participate in reflective and confidence-building equine activities. These are designed to provide people with the tools to manage any symptoms of anxiety and depression and to become more resilient.
They are grateful to business members, delivery partners and all organisations that have supported the YES Project so far! Their time and commitment make a real difference to the young people who need to overcome many barriers to get into employment.
#TogetherWeDid help bridge the gap and break the barriers for many young people, and they will continue to work in partnerships to ensure that nobody is left behind.

Contact ross@leicestershirecares.co.uk for more information on how to get involved

This blog was originally posted on the Leicestershire Cares newsletter.