An online professional learning event to develop the Welsh history knowledge and skills of teachers to empower them to deliver the new curriculum.

23 March 2022

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

This series of online professional learning events aims to develop the subject knowledge and skills of teachers in Welsh history to empower and enable them to deliver the Curriculum for Wales. It will develop teachers’ knowledge of some key events and themes in Welsh history and upskill them in using and understanding the possibilities of the digital archival resources that exist in Wales. 

In this second workshop, workshops led by historians from Welsh universities will explore different digital research tools for Welsh history. The histories of minorities and localities will be used to demonstrate the possibilities of these resources for discovering historical sources for use in the classroom and for pupils undertaking their own inquiry-led learning.

The talks will be followed by discussion space for teachers to reflect on how they can use and incorporate the material and ideas into their own teaching and curricula.