Young homeless people are widely considered to be one of the most vulnerable groups in society, due to their diverse and potentially complex needs and experiences. However, while young people experiencing street homelessness routinely receive academic attention, young people living in supported accommodation and barriers that they face, are often overlooked by research.

In June 2017, funding was secured to run a short project which enabled a group of young homeless people living in supported accommodation, to travel to the Welsh Assembly and present some of their experiences to Assembly Members. This workshop will provide an overview of the event and explore some of the key issues that the participants raised. It will discuss themes including barriers to mental health services, nutrition, education and employment and the significant impact that these issues can have on young homeless people both short and long-term. Following this, the practitioners will be able to participate in a creative and interactive session, which will provide an opportunity to suggest new approaches and/or interventions that could tackle these barriers and improve the experiences and lives of young people living in supported accommodation.

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