It takes a Village: Global perspectives about care-experienced parents

Welcome to our truly international ExChange Wales spring conference series 2023!  It takes a village: Global perspectives on care-experienced parents is being delivered in partnership with the International Research Network on Transitions to Adulthood from Care (INTRAC). Care leavers’ transition to parenthood is one of the most challenging transitions in their life. Having limited support… Read More

Understanding the implementation of children’s social care policy in Wales: a study of the new Child Sexual Exploitation guidance.

In this blog Richard Devine gives a summary of an article by Juan Usubillaga, Clive Diaz & Donald Forrester. How are policies implemented in children’s services? Developing an initial programme theory to evaluate the implementation of the new Child Sexual Exploitation guidance in Wales A wealth of policy, guidance and law in social work guides… Read More

My Interpretation on Strength Based Approaches in Adult Social Care as a Human and Social Sciences Student.

Zuzanna Oliwkiewicz My name is Zuzanna, I am currently studying human and social sciences at Cardiff University. I’ve had the opportunity to work with CASCADE over the past semester as a part of my placement journey. I’ve joined meetings, webinars, searched for venues and even got sucked into helping with the big move! As I… Read More