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19 June 2023
9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

The incidents of mental health amongst young people is on the increase, along with self-harm and eating disorders. The course aims to explore the various difficulties young people experience with mental health and look at how to build resilience and improve well-being.

The course will examine the different types of mental health, the behaviours that can accompany them and how to support the young person. Various ways of building resilience will be introduced and how to maintain well-being will be demonstrated.

This course is aimed at frontline workers and practitioners working with young people who want to improve how they respond and work with young people.


  • To raise awareness of mental health issues
  • To gain a better understanding of mental health such as depression, anxiety
  • To offer techniques for supporting young people
  • To gain skills in building resilience and increase wellbeing
  • To build confidence in dealing with these issues

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