Final Report

This report provides findings from a research review undertaken on behalf of the 22 local authorities in Wales to identify the key components and support material to underpin the development of a common cost savings calculator that can be deployed nationally throughout Wales, but which can be used according to local authority specific contexts and requirements.  This followed the identification of the requirement for this tool contained in Section 9 of the Families First guidance issued by Welsh Government in April 2017.

This report summarises the requirements for the work, identifies the data sources we have utilised to undertake the research review, and provides detail of the tool and the common language to be used to describe its measurement of the outcomes of the Families First programme in Wales.

Toolkit Handbook

This handbook seeks to provide brief overview of how the Families First Cost Savings toolkit works so that Families First staff can enter case numbers to identify the estimated costs saved by the support they have provided to individuals and families.