Parental Advocacy Online Workshops

** WALES ONLY** Parent Advocacy Online Workshop (Wales) We are inviting social work practitioners and managers, parental advocates, parents, advocacy managers, family support workers and academics in Wales to participate in an online workshop on parental advocacy and its effectiveness in supporting parents whose children are open to social care. The event is part of… Read More

How many is too many?

Person is guilty Person is innocent Person is judged guilty True positive False positive Person is judged not-guilty False negative True negative In the context of child and family social work, the more abused children we identify, the more families will undergo child protection investigations. The more children we keep from being seriously maltreated, the… Read More

Exploring Expertise: “Square peg in a round hole” – Kinship Care

Kinship Foster Carers (Connected Persons) often don’t choose to be foster carers, but the law requires them to be assessed, supervised and supported as a foster carer to ensure a child in care can remain in a regulated placement. For many reasons, it can be difficult to achieve approval of some kinship foster carers, and the ‘placement’ becomes unlawful or unregulated. Read More