Parental Advocacy Online Workshops

** WALES ONLY** Parent Advocacy Online Workshop (Wales) We are inviting social work practitioners and managers, parental advocates, parents, advocacy managers, family support workers and academics in Wales to participate in an online workshop on parental advocacy and its effectiveness in supporting parents whose children are open to social care. The event is part of… Read More

Understanding care pathways and placement stability for infants in Wales

Please note: This event is being hosted externally and not through Exchange Wales. Family & Community external events listings are posted to inform the wider community about external events including workshops, opportunities for families, children and young people, and helpful resources. Understanding care pathways and placement stability for infants in Wales with Dr Laura Cowley… Read More

Racially Minoritised Young People’s Experiences of Navigating COVID-19 Challenges: A Community Cultural Wealth Perspective

There was significant evidence early in the COVID-19 pandemic that racial bias, inequities, and disparities resulted in Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities being disproportionately impacted.  Using a qualitative approach, the Children, Young People and Families study explored the influential factors that impacted the well-being and resilience of Black and Asian youth aged 12-19. Findings… Read More

Parental risk factors and the likelihood of children entering care

A number of parental problems have previously been associated with children entering care. These include mental health problems, substance misuse and learning disabilities. However there are many things about the relationship between these issues in parents and children’s entry into care that are not known. For example, do these factors have the same effect on… Read More

Check your thinking: supporting anti-racist practice in children’s social care.

Presented by: Abyd Quinn-Aziz, Melissa Mendez and Sophie Hallett, Cardiff University. This session is aimed at practitioners, professionals and carers, and promotes resources that have been developed to support anti-racist-practice in children’s social care. In the webinar we explain the thinking behind the resources and how you can engage with these as an individual and… Read More

Reframing Adoption Conference

Welcome to our ExChange conference series entitled Reframing Adoption running from May- June 2023. We aim to shine a light on the often forgotten area of adoption and highlight some of the most recent and important research and development in this area. Adoption provides an often elusive permanency for many children and is ever evolving.… Read More

It takes a Village: Global perspectives about care-experienced parents

Welcome to our truly international ExChange Wales spring conference series 2023!  It takes a village: Global perspectives on care-experienced parents is being delivered in partnership with the International Research Network on Transitions to Adulthood from Care (INTRAC). Care leavers’ transition to parenthood is one of the most challenging transitions in their life. Having limited support… Read More