Sylwch: Mae’r digwyddiad hwn yn cael ei gynnal yn allanol ac nid trwy Exchange Wales. Mae rhestrau digwyddiadau allanol Teulu a Chymuned yn cael eu postio i hysbysu’r gymuned ehangach am ddigwyddiadau allanol gan gynnwys gweithdai, cyfleoedd i deuluoedd, plant a phobl ifanc, ac adnoddau defnyddiol.

19 Ionawr 2023
9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

This interactive training is set specifically in the Welsh context and will allow participants to consider the issues for their role and organisation. Through taking part in a range of exercises participants will gain an understanding of the key elements of working safely and responsibly with children and young people and how they can respond effectively where they have concerns.

The course is for those working directly or indirectly with children & young people in a wide range of workplace and community settings who may be responsible for making referrals to social services and attend multiagency events. It is suitable as a refresher for those who have already undertaken basic safeguarding training or who are considering taking the Designated Person role.


  • Understand how your policy and procedures relate to legislation and guidance in the UK, Welsh & local context
  • Ensure all staff notice and respond to concerns about a child/ young person, at risk
  • Explore what contributes to effective assessment and decision making in relation to concerns
  • Considering what we can learn from when things have gone wrong in safeguarding children and young people
  • Recognise the importance of staff taking responsibility to pass on information about possible abuse and neglect
  • Understand how values and attitudes affect responses to reporting safeguarding concerns
  • Understand how the child protection system works
  • Consider best practice in recording, sharing information and collaborating in a multiagency context

Nid yw Exchange Wales yn gyfrifol am unrhyw gynnwys neu adnoddau allanol.